• Passion for making and playing games
  • Play our mobile games, deconstruct and analyze them and provide prioritized, constructive feedback 
  • Analyse existing features numerically and graphically
  • Test our games and come up with improvement ideas
  • Write design documents
  • Ensure the design documentation is compelling, clear and well communicated to the team
  • Iterate features from the initial ideation to final polish working closely with the team
  • Balance features and evaluate their impact on the game 
  • Define the games vision and feature set
  • Open to receive feedback and flexible to adjust the design accordingly

Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of gaming trends and interest in simulation games 
  • Excellent creativity and ability to generate game concepts, mechanics and ideas
  • Experience in game design/systems and balancing game economies 
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to manage several projects in parallel
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills open to giving and receiving feedback and sharing ideas
  • Advanced skills in written and oral English. 
  • Additional experiences in any of the game-creation disciplines is a plus

About Frismos

Frismos is a US based mobile gaming studio in Yerevan which is officially represented by Open Soft Consult LLC. Up to date it has launched 6 mobile games, downloaded around 10 million times. Find more at: htt