Under the supervision of the REACH Assessment Officer and GIS Specialist, the REACH GIS/ Database Officer is responsible for the processes and outputs related to database and mapping in the country. He/ she will be responsible for supporting the development and maintenance of a country/ region database for the consolidation of all assessment-related and GIS data in the country/ region. He/ she will manage the rapid production of static maps on targeted crisis and issues as well as providing required inputs for the development of mapping solutions. He/ she will conduct office work, but also conduct field trips.


Database/ Data Entry Activities
- Manage the maintenance of database(s) for the consolidation of all assessment-related and GIS data in country. Ensure the capitalization of tools and procedure related to mapping and databases. Furthermore, support the assessment team in the collection and management of spatial datasets, verification and update of the collected data. Monitor the accuracy of collected data.

Technical Support
- Contribute towards the identification and implementation of effective and adaptation technical solutions and partnerships. Provide technical backstopping of database to REACH team and support the collection of spatial datasets and integration with REACH activities.

GIS Activities
- Streamline processing of raw data to mapped end products. At the field level, participate to the support of interactive mapping tool and other REACH program products regarding GIS. By doing so, participate in continued development of interactive based mapping tools at the field level and ensure the update process from the field to interactive publishing is organized and well documented.

External Relations
- Respond to information requests from REACH and its partners. In order to support the development of joint database tools and processes with REACH partners in the country, maintain regular interactions and reporting with key IM partners including cluster lead agencies, UN agencies, NGOs and technical partners. Respond to information requests from REACH partners in country related to data and mapping as well as solicit information from partner organizations to be incorporated into database. Furthermore, liaise with these partners to ensure the data is shared with REACH assessment team when required.

Internal Communication Processes
- Liaise with IMPACT in Geneva to guarantee a quality product that suits the needs of the field office when required.

Confidentiality and Data Protection
- Maintain the strictest confidentiality of data and processes. Actively take measures to prevent the unauthorized sharing of information and data.

Required Qualifications:

- Full working proficiency in English language;
- Bachelor's or master's degree or equivalent professional experience in GIS, Cartography, Geodesy, Geography, Computer Science, Information Systems, Social Science or any relevant discipline;
- Essential minimum technical qualifications;
- Experience with ESRI ArcGIS Pro;
- Understanding of basic cartography concepts and data management procedures;
- 1-2 years of experience in GIS or information management field, preferably in humanitarian or academic context is an asset;
- Presence of any relevant portfolio (GitHub account, web based-dashboard, OSM mapper profile, published maps) is a strong asset;
- Good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills;
- Flexibility and adaptability to ever-changing needs and responsibilities;
- Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ability to work independently;
- Ability to learn new concepts/ build technical skills quickly.

Desired technical qualifications:
- Data processing and analysis experience using Excel/ R/ Python (pandas)/ Tableau;
- Experience in working with state statistics data;
- Cartographic design skills and experience.