This early to mid-level position will support the technical, design, digital asset, and data management needs of the Strategic Development Division, which includes the Organization’s Communications, Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation, Bids and Proposals, and New Business Departments. An agile support department at American Councils, the Strategic Development team actively engages with public and private programs and funders to increase the Organization’s impact and reach. This position will collaborate on a variety of collateral and design projects, support collaborative efforts to design and launch SquareSpace websites for overseas offices and new programs, be responsible for managing and updating American Councils’ website in collaboration with members of the Strategic Development team, and support efforts to develop and implement strategies to effectively collect and manage the department’s digital assets (images, photos, videos, text files, spreadsheets, slide decks, and more).


Websites (35%):
- Work with Development Officer and overseas staff to launch and maintain SquareSpace websites for 25+ of American Councils' field offices;
- Contribute to web development discussions, particularly regarding UX, search engine optimization, and brand consistency;
- Collaborate with Development Officer to develop training materials and to support field and program staff so that they can maintain and update content on their digital properties;
- Support efforts to establish policies and processes for actively updating and maintaining American Councils' digital properties in collaboration with members of the Strategic Development Department and American Councils Technology (ACT) Department;
- Monitor Google Analytics for website usage information and nuanced understanding of user experience; anticipate future needs or improvements based on analysis;
- Regularly audit American Councils' digital properties for accessibility (including section 508 compliance);
- Publish featured stories and announcements on the global website; update content as needed.

Technical Support for Strategic Development (35%):
- Support department efforts to manage, tag, catalogue and share appropriately organizational digital assets (photos, videos, etc.);
- Manage and update the public facing Strategic Communications files in SharePoint in collaboration with Development Officer;
- Support and identify new ways to streamline the online collaboration of New Business Development and Strategic Communications teams.

Graphic Design Work (30%):
- Collaborate with members of the Bids and Proposals team to design and develop graphics and data visualization for proposals and other organizational materials;
- Support efforts by the Strategic Development team to identify new and visually compelling ways to communicate the impact of American Councils' work;
- Assist with the creation of logos and SquareSpace templates for new programs;
- Support the social media work of the Executive Assistant in the Office of the President by assisting with designing graphics for sharing across social media platforms.

Required Qualifications:

Basic Qualifications:
- Experience in using Adobe's suite of creative cloud products (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) as well as using Canva to create programmatic and/ or organizational materials;
- Experience working in a Microsoft 365 environment (Teams, SharePoint, Stream, etc.);
- Experience managing and updating databases;
- Basic coding;
- Experienced in using Google Analytics;
- Comfortable working with fast paced business development teams to execute multiple projects simultaneously;
- Ability to work collaboratively, take feedback from multiple stakeholders on projects (internal and external), and adjust projects to meet the needs of funders and other key stakeholders;
- Consciousness of creating sites for those with disabilities is a must;
- Strong written and spoken English language skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Drupal;
- SquareSpace;
- Experience working on international teams;
- SharePoint;
- Copyright compliance;
- Adobe Creative Cloud applications;
- Digital Asset Management platforms and practices.