The Head of Finance Management and Accounting/ Chief Accountant will be responsible for the oversight of the financial management function of the Projects (hereinafter Project(s)) implemented by the “Road Department” SNCO and will ensure that procedures required by the RA legislation, Project Donor’s Policies, Loan Disbursement Handbooks and Financial Management Manuals are in place and are strictly followed, specifically related to financial flows, payments, accounting, financial reporting, external auditing, and record keeping. He/ she serves as a liaison between the MoTAI, the Ministry of Finance and Project Donors; and develops and maintains direct relationships with government authorities.


- Maintain the overall financial management system of the Projects;
- Review the monthly and quarterly financial reports prepared by the FM&A specialists and submit those to the Project Director, quarterly and interim un-audited financial reports to the MoTAI and Project Donors;
- Oversee management of Project accounts and the preparation of Periodic Financial Requests (PFR)/ withdrawal applications for subsequent tranches and replenishments, ensuring that Projects' funds flow on a timely basis and special accounts are replenished on time;
- Supervise the financial planning and budgeting of the Projects and RD in co-operation with the Procurement Department;
- Participate in the preparation of annual working plan;
- Ensure that all project accounts are maintained in accordance with the applicable regulations for auditing by independent auditors acceptable to the Donors and on the terms of reference acceptable to the Donors;
- Verify disbursement information in signed contracts against the Legal Agreements (the disbursement schedule and disbursement letter);
- Monitor projects' expenditures and costs (local and foreign);
- Oversee the maintenance of respective procedures for collecting, checking and preparing documentation required for verifying Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants invoices. Ensure that all payments are made on a timely basis and according to contract terms and conditions as well as in accordance with Donors relevant guidelines, regulations, legal agreements and other applicable documents and legislation of the RA;
- Sign bank payments instructions under Signature Category "B" for all eligible payments to Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers;
- Review the project annual financial statements for the audit and coordinate the audit arrangements of the projects and cooperate with the auditors; ensure that audited project financial statements are submitted to the Donors in accordance with the respective loan agreement requirements. Ensure compliance with Project Donors' policies/ procedures and guidelines and establish controls in accordance with those procedures and guidelines;
- Ensure that regular reconciliations of the bank account balances to the projects accounts, to the Donors' applicable systems, as well as foreign exchange revaluation of un-disbursed balances of the projects funds are conducted; review and approve those reconciliations and revaluations;
- Review the bank guarantees submitted by the bidders/ contractors/ suppliers/ consultants (i.e. Bid Security, Advance Payment Security and Performance Security) to define their compliance with the form(s) presented in the relevant RFP/ Bid Docs and contracts;
- Manage and coordinate the works of the FM&A Department specialists;
- Submit proposals to the RD General Director on professional training, applying incentives and disciplinary reprimands with respect to the Department's staff;
- Cooperate with the Donors missions in conducting regular financial management supervisions of the projects and properly address the observations and recommendations provided;
- Perform other tasks assigned by the RD's General Director and Head of the Department; assist external/ internal audit process.

Required Qualifications:

Knowledge and Qualifications:
- University degree in Accounting, Finance, Business and Public Administration;
- At least 10 years of finance management experience in areas of accounting, budgeting, tax administration, or financial management;
- At least 5 years of experience in the financial administration of Donor funded infrastructure projects;
- Knowledge of International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting, Standards and International Public-Sector Accounting Standards;
- Proficiency in use of computerized information systems used in financial and/ or accounting applications; and in financial data analysis;
- Good understanding of FIDIC provisions;
- Excellent communication skills in Armenian and English languages (written and oral);
- Good understanding of the goals and procedures of international organizations, in particular (ADB, World Bank, EBRD, EIB, IFC or other donors);
- Computer literacy.

Professional Competencies:
- Results-oriented person;
- Excellent analytical skills;
- Excellent presentation and facilitation skills;
- Demonstrated diplomatic and negotiating skills;
- Strongly developed problem-solving and decision-making skills;
- Managerial skills;
- Planning and organization skills;
- Cooperation/ teamwork skills;
- Report writing skills.