Telcell is looking for a Head of Financial Partnership Department, who will be responsible for developing partnerships/ agreements with financial institutions (banks, credit organizations, etc.) by promoting Telcell services. He/ she will also manage day to day activities of the Financial Partnership Department.


- Establish, develop and manage the Company's financial partnership strategy;
- Establish strategy on how to collaborate with the existing and potential partner banks/ credit organizations;
- Create long term partnerships with new banks/ credit organizations;
- Get agreement over co-branded card issueing, by keeping card transactions' history and balance in Telcell Wallet as an advantage;
- Negotiate on commission agreements with partner banks/ credit organizations;
- Develop online loan providing system in Telcell Wallet, create a platform for credit competition;
- Investigate competitors and the market itself, to come up with new and effective ideas over Telcell Wallet improvement;
- Handle other relevant activities that may come up.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's or master's degree in Business Management, Economics or other relevant fields;
- Basic knowledge of fintech field, of payment systems and electronic money;
- At least 5 years of relevant experience is a must;
- Excellent negotiations and communication skills;
- Practical examples/ cases of financial partnership developments;
- Excellent knowledge in written and verbal English, Russian and Armenian languages;
- Computer literacy;
- Ability to work within deadlines, under pressure and in a few directions simultaneously;
- Willingness to integrate into a big rhythmic team;
- Group work ability and willingness;
- Adherence to higher ethical working standards such as honesty, dedication and responsibility; innovative thinking skills, confidentiality and political neutrality.