The Head of Technical Support (Monitoring) Team is responsible for leading Technical Support team, for overseeing the day-to-day activities of Technical Support and Monitoring departments, for handling high-priority issues from customers and for contributing to the development and execution of business management. The Head of Technical Support (Monitoring) Team will report directly to the IT Director.


- Lead and mentor the Technical Support team; perform scheduled staff reviews, communicate and adhere to new procedures, policies and goals;
- Support the development and implementation of business management programs, contribute to development of the business;
- Oversee the day to day running of the Technical Support and Monitoring Department consisting of seven technicians;
- Establish, recommend and implement policies to ensure quality, timely and efficient design of customer oriented services;
- Ensure the timely and efficient resolving of issues from customers;
- Prepare and submit reports on the works;
- Teach/ mentor new employees;
- Work in collaboration with heads of other departments;
- If necessary, take new responsibilities according to existing laws and internal regulations.

Required Qualifications:

- Degree in Computer Science or a related field;
- Work experience as a Technical Support Manager, IT Help Desk Technician or in a similar role is a plus;
- Hands-on experience with Windows;
- Good understanding of computer systems, mobile devices and other tech equipment;
- Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot basic technical issues;
- Familiarity with remote desktop applications and help desk software (e.g. Zendesk);
- Analytical and problem solving skills within a technical environment;
- Keenness and enthusiasm to learn, progress and have a company focused attitude;
- Ability to provide step-by-step technical help, both written and verbal;
- Knowledge of English and Russian languages;
- Ability to work within deadlines, under pressure and in different directions simultaneously;
- Willingness to integrate into a big rhythmic team;
- Ability and willingness to work with a group;
- Adherence to higher ethical working standards such as discipline, punctuality and responsibility, ability to achieve results, confidentiality;
- 24/7 availability.