Ogma Inc. is looking for a team player for a Help Desk / IT Support position.


What you will do:

  • Install and configure software on computers remotely
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Apply updates for both hardware and software
  • Support Microsoft 365 applications
  • Work with customers from foreign countries to provide technical support and IT services
  • Provide document information and prepare user guide manuals upon request
  • Resolve customer complaints via phone, email or ticket system
  • Respond to customer inquiries in a timely and effective way

Required Qualifications:

What you will need:

  • Eager to increase the level of professional skills via self-learning
  • Ability and willingness to search and understand the necessary and work related documentation
  • Friendly, well mannered
  • Knowledge of telephone etiquette
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work with people in conflict situations and stressful environments
  • Flexible personality and a supportive team member
  • Sense of responsibility and punctuality
  • Advanced computer skills and tech-savvy
  • Knowledge of various software and related applications (Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, set up and management, backup solutions and advanced network)


About Ogma Applications

Ogma Applications is a software development company based in Los Angeles, California that develops web-based applications for clients all around the globe. The Organization's development and administration team is based in Armenia. For additional informa