“Renshin” LLC is looking for a highly motivated HR Manager. Duties of the HR Manager include, but certainly are not limited to, planning, motivating and coordinating staff through leadership and solid business practices.


- Lead the recruitment in the Organization. Design, develop and maintain relevant processes and procedures (including its description, recruitment measurement definitions, regular measurement reporting, taking proper actions to close gaps)
- Design the selection matrix for choosing the optimal recruitment channels and sources and consistently monitor the costs of the recruitment process and look for ways to optimize cost-effectiveness
- Explore the market best practices in the recruitment and staffing and implement appropriate best practices in the organization
- Act as a single lead point of contact for managers regarding recruitment process and procedures
- Lead and manage the team of HR specialists; provide on-job mentoring
- Design and implement an appropriate training and development plan
- Prepare employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs
- Follow the labor legislation, be aware about revisions and implement required changes to keep the process compliant to law
- Maintain human resource records archive by designing a filing and retrieval system; keep past and current records;
- Maintain/ review/ revise the work structure and organogram; update job requirements and job descriptions for all positions
- Maintain/ review a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; schedule and conduct job evaluations; prepare pay budgets; monitor and schedule individual pay actions; recommend, plan, and implement pay structure revisions

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in Business Administration, Sociology or other relevant field
- At least 3 years of experience in an HR supervisory position
- Understanding of business functions such as finance, marketing
- Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
- Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
- Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills, as well as strong analytical and excellent communication skills
- Attitude in decision-making and problem-solving
- Demonstrated teamwork and organizational skills
- Self-motivated personality; ability to work under pressure; proactively and independently
- Effective self-management skills
- Excellent knowledge of spoken and written Armenian, Russian and English languages