1. Maintain and repair heating, ventilating, air conditioning equipment and systems to optimize energy use.
  2. Maintain and repair electrical components of computerized building management system (BMS), air handling units, variable air volume devices and fan coil units in order to operate in auto mode and to optimize energy use.
  3. Maintain right conditions (mostly natural ventilation) in the buildings achieving best energy efficiency performances.
  4. Operate a variety of equipment such as hand tools, lap top computers and diagnostic hardware to perform work.
  5. Install, maintain and repair computerized electronic and digital direct control devices related to HVAC and heat control.
  6. Operate various measuring, diagnostic and testing instruments and maintain electronic testing equipment.
  7. Immediately report to the Chief Energy Specialist on all defects found.
  8. Read complex blueprints, piping, sketches, schematics and wiring diagrams for performing maintenance and repair.
  9. Perform brazing, soldering and fabrication of electronic circuits.
  10. Is responsible for replacement of heating, ventilating, air conditioning system tools and equipment, and if necessary, for ordering spare parts with corresponding parameters in cooperation with the Buyer (present the list of necessary spare parts to the Chief Energy Specialist).
  11. Working in cooperation with the Engineer/Mechanic and Boiler/Chiller Operators maintain the equipment and filters in normal/operational condition.
  12. Provide appropriate instructions to the Boiler/Chiller Operators to ensure full functionality during their work shifts.
  13. Perform other related duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor and agreed upon by BMS/HVAC Consultant.

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Degree;
  • 2-4 years of relevant professional experience;
  • AutoCAD and other specialized software programs;
  • English (levels 1-4), spreadsheets, databases.