Inecobank is looking for an Information Security Management Team Leader to join its team.


- Coordinate the activities of Team leader - administrators;
- Prepare Information security reports;
- Ensure fulfilment of ISO 270001 international standard requirements and participate in annual audit activities' coordination;
- Organize and coordinate annual penetration testing activities;
- Develop and maintain authority package matrix;
- Participate in DLP system setup and development activities;
- Prevent information leakage using DLP system;
- Monitor the implementation of the Information risk control plan;
- Responsible for systematized assessment of vulnerabilities, threats and risks;
- Responsible for activities of counteraction for Risk analyses and reduction;
- Organize information assets inventory;
- Develop internal legal documents and ensure compliance with ISO 270001 standard requirements;
- Control over information processing tools and secure operation of external devices as well as control their moving out of the Bank’s territory;
- Take part in information security recovery in case of incidents;
- Participate in network and antivirus security activities;
- Responsible for Biometric Identification and Encryption tools management;
- Responsible for control over the process of system change management;
- Ensure the Bank’s information security through the use of hardware -software and organizational tools Monitor software and hardware to detect information security issues;
- Approve or reject changes made by other administrators;
- Increase awareness of the staff on IS by organizing trainings and seminars;
- Maintain user lists and control over authorization process, ensure classification and relevance of the mentioned lists;
- Consider Log files;
- If necessary, initiate and control systemic changes.

Required Qualifications:

- Higher education in technical or related fields;
- At least 3 years of relevant work experience;
- Excellent knowledge of IT and IS-related legal documents;
- Excellent knowledge of computer networks and coding/ encryption technologies;
- Excellent knowledge of antivirus protection;
- Excellent knowledge (theory and practice) of invasion suspension systems management;
- Knowledge of international IT security standards (ISO 17799, 27000, COBIT, PCI DSS);
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian language; good knowledge of Russian and English languages;
- Excellent knowledge of Windows 7/8/8.1, Vista, XP, Server, Active Directory, ISA Server, IPS/IDS Systems, Araks CB and Firewall.

Business skills and personal qualities:
- Confidentiality;
- Cooperation skills;
- Teamwork skills;
- Analytical skills;
- Initiative;
- Ability to make sound judgments.