We are looking for outstanding candidates to join our team for a 1- 3 month Full-stack web developer internship. Chosen candidates will work on tasks in real projects under the guidance of an experienced mentor. After successfully completing the internship program trainee will be qualified as a Junior web developer and will be offered to work in our company!


  • Collaborate with experienced cross-disciplinary team members
  • Build innovative technologies in a large distributed cloud computing environment
  • Build distributed storage, index, and query systems that are scalable, fault-tolerant, low cost, and easy to manage/use.
  • Design and code the right solutions starting with broadly defined problems.
  • Work in an agile environment to deliver high-quality software.

Required Qualifications:

- Good knowledge of OOP

- Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals. 

- Knowledge of any programing language.

- Algorithmic thinking

- Education in Computer Science or Related field will be a big plus