IT Security Engineer’s role is to help safeguard the Organization’s computer networks and systems, including planning and carrying out security measures to monitor and protect sensitive data and systems from infiltration and cyber-attacks. The IT Security Engineer will work as part of a larger IT team and report to IT Operations Manager.


- Analyze security systems and seek improvements on a continuous basis;
- Report possible threats or software issues;
- Research weaknesses and find ways to counter them;
- Find cost-effective solutions to cybersecurity problems;
- Understand software, hardware and internet needs while adjusting them according to the Company's business environment;
- Develop best practices and security standards for the Organization;
- Adhere to ISO 270001, PCIDSS and GDPR compliance policies and standard operating procedures;
- Support assessment and authorization activities related to cybersecurity technologies.

Required Qualifications:

- MS in Computer Science (all specializations - General/ Cybersecurity/ DataScience is preferred);
- Good knowledge of IT security/ firewalls/ security audit logs/ malware/ Unix and Windows system security events;
- Familiarity with IDS/ IPS and SIEM technologies (hands-on experience is preferable);
- Strong analytical skills to understand data and come up with use cases to build security portfolio for clients;
- Familiarity with machine learning techniques would be a plus point;
- Advanced technical writing skills; knowledge of Python and Mysql;
- Good communication skills.