Sophron Engineering is an owner-led company in Armenia which is part of the AlphaZetta network, one of the largest organisations of data experts worldwide. Our central mission is to contribute to Armenia’s rise to become the Silicon Valley of the East.
As a company, we believe in Leadership, Transparency, Pragmatism, Mindfulness, Cosmopolitan, Sophronication and Empathy. These are the ingredients to be a leader as a company.
As a member of our team, you work with people who believe in constant growth and who share the vision of Armenia’s place as a high-quality IT Center of Excellence. And as a Java Developer, your initial project will be a long term project with a client from Austria in the Injection Moulding industry, fully remotely.
This can be your dream job if you:
– Appreciate feedback, short release cycles and taking over responsibility
– Enjoy learning new technologies
– Enjoy working with agile methods (Scrum)
– Want to work in an international environment
– Appreciate teamwork
– Enjoy freedom and autonomy within your team
– Bring in new ideas and a proactive attitude


- Server-backend development on the DAIM Microservice Architecture in Java
- Optimize software architecture in terms of scalability & performance
- Design and implementation of new features
- Integration of new technologies (Cloud, Kafka, Streaming Analytics)
- Application of standard query languages for databases (SQL, No-SQL)
- Collaboration with local and international development teams

Required Qualifications:

- Minimum of 3 years of working experience in Java development
- Technical studies related to Software Engineering or similar experience
- Hands-on Experience with Linux
- Record of at least one project working with Agile methodologies
- Desire to work in an international environment
- Team player with a proactive approach and quality awareness
- Fluent English