Get enrolled at Quantori JavaScript School!
At Quantori, we have a large JS team engaged in complex and non-trivial projects in the life science domain and we are now happy to share our knowledge with those interested in this area.
The course is designed for those with basic programming experience in any language. Also suitable for beginners with a solid motivation to learn. We encourage you to take our course and become part of the team!
JavaScript School Road Map:
Start date: End of February 2023
Online classes once a week in the late afternoon time
Course duration: 2 months
The best students will join the Quantori team as junior or middle JS devs
Training language: English
If you show excellent performance during the course, you will get the following opportunities upon its completion:
– Quantori job offer
– Competitive salary
– Flexible work schedule
– Opportunity to work remotely (our employees can work from anywhere in the world)
– Certification payment covered by the company
– One-on-one English lessons, regular use of English at work
– Healthcare (medical insurance and paid sick leaves)
– Working in a domain that is in great demand
– Taking part in the Life Sciences and Health Care projects managed by the global market leaders
– Continuous education, mentoring, and upskilling


As a student you will be able to:
- Nest pages of any complexity
- Manage graphics, audio, and video with native HTML
- Structure your knowledge of JS and its ecosystem
- Improve your code, master the best practices and cool language features
- Learn the most popular frontend framework React and its best practices
- Last but not least
- effectively self-learn any of the topics by the pattern we provide

Required Qualifications:

- Upper-intermediate English or higher
- Able to plan, efficiently organize time, and multitask