Performance objectives 

1. The first performance objective is to assure the ideal customer experience.

This means: 

1. Close to native fluency in EnglishÖ‰ you will be fully involved in Knowledge Base processes while creating, reviewing, and maintaining articles in English. 

2. Excellent written communication skills: Articles about Joomag’s product and features are being published at Joomag’s Help Centre with the goal of fully assisting customers with their issues and challenges. So, you are expected to write articles succinctly and dynamically while ensuring the KB is up to date and relevant to Joomag product updates.

3. Tech-savviness: here’s the list of technological tools you will directly use in your work -  Elevio, Adobe Fireworks, ScreenToGif, and Adobe After Effects. You will start your job with an onboarding program and several mentor shadow sessions aimed to show and teach you everything, however being at least enthusiastic to become savvy with technology is a must.

2. The second objective is to "Work Like a Team, Live Like a Family".

We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we’ve come to know each other as a family. We take care of our own, celebrate success, learn through failure, and respect each other regardless of our different viewpoints. So you need to:

- demonstrate reliabilityÖ‰ do your fair share to work hard and meet milestones. Consistency is key.

- cooperate: we achieved total synergy in our work, thus you are expected to figure out ways to work together with different teams (specifically Marketing and Customer Care departments), solve problems, and get common work done.

- share openly and willingly: beyond discussions & meetings, everyone in Joomag feels comfortable talking with one another, sharing opinions, and accepting those from others. Thus it’s important for you to be willing to share knowledge, and experience taking the initiative to keep other team members informed and engaged.

About Joomag AM LLC

Joomag AM LLC is a digital publishing services company, providing an integrated solution for publishing, distributing, tracking and monetizing publications online. More information can be found at: www.joom