Numlock LLC is looking for a motivated and hard-working candidate for the position of Junior Network Engineer to be responsible for providing technical and associated services to the Company’s customers in an efficient and timely manner. The Company will take care of all expenses and the incumbent will get all opportunities to reach appropriate qualifications and certificates.


- Perform day-to day activities at the customer's site;
- Perform basic installation of known vendor's equipment (Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, etc.);
- Install and configure necessary software updates;
- Configure and administer network monitoring tools;
- Configure and administer routers and switches in a multi-vendor environment;
- Administer Linux and Windows based systems;
- Diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues.

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in Computer Science or other related field;
- Knowledge of IP networks;
- Experience in managing and configuring network systems is a plus;
- Knowledge of Windows and Linux systems is a plus;
- Ability to research and evaluate new technologies;
- Written and verbal communication skills in Russian and English languages;
-Team working and communication skills;
- Adaptability, flexibility;
- Problem-solving skills;
-Ability to work overload.