What you'll do: 

  • Choose and develop ML algorithms that could be used to solve a given problem
  •  Define the preprocessing or feature engineering to be done on a given dataset
  •  Experiment with different algorithms/preprocessing techniques and try to improve on solving the problem
  • Research different approaches to add to existing ones to rank them and choose the best
  • Develop evaluation methods for testing your results
  •  Prepare presentations on your experiments for higher management
  • Deploy the solutions for a specific task after the evaluation process
  • Grow technically by learning new technologies and procedures


Required Qualifications:

What we're seeking:

  • Some familiarity, interest, and experience with ML algorithms (Deep Learning included), understanding of each one's advantages and disadvantages
  • You have a solid understanding of statistics/probability theory
  • You have good knowledge of Python and Python libraries (NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn etc.)
  • You are problem-solver who has an ability to read, understand and recreate research papers
  • You dream big with solutions but also have a strong practical streak in evaluating whether they can and should be implemented

Bonus points:

  • You have experience with audio signal processing
  •  You have good knowledge and Experience with Pytorch
  •  You have public code viewable of ML Projects on Github