Road Department Fund /RDF/ is a fund founded by RA Government that implements international and budgetary projects on interstate and republican roads of Armenia. Mainly RDF carries out implementation of construction, reconstruction, renovation, recovery and maintenance of the interstate and republican roads of Armenia. As well the RDF is responsible for implementation of the North-South road corridor investment project.
Salary: From 200000 AMD Net a month


- Providing legal advice on the projects
- Legal assistance to other subdivisions of the RDF
- Providing legal opinions, memos on different cases
- Working with contracts, mainly in construction sphere /contact on works/
- Working with procurement documents
- Preparation of agenda and other related documents for the Governing board of the international Projects
- Representation of RDF in the courts and other instances
- Ability to prepare judicial claims and counter-claims, objections, responses
- Working with land alienation /acquisition/ under the rules of Public Interest

Required Qualifications:

- Degree in law, LLM is a plus
- Knowledge of at least Armenian and English languages
- At least 2 years of professional work experience
- Experience in contract management
- Experience in representation in arbitration procedures and judicial instances
- Ability to work under pressure
- Knowledge of Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Law on International Treaties, Constitution
- Punctuality
- Time management ability
- Problem-solving and self-decision making skills
- Ability to work with a team
- Ability to perform multi-task assignments
- Ability to work with MS office programs
- Researching skills
- Driving license is a plus
- Advocate’s license is a plus