TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is looking for a Learning coach in Dsegh (part time).

  • Based on the established coaching model the Learning Coaches will work directly with TUMO students to support their learning process
  • Assist them in the design of their personal learning plans
  • Offer guidance toward the completion of learning activities
  • Provide encouragement and motivation toward harnessing the potential of technologies and self-learning
  • Assist in workhop and project coordination in various technology related areas
  • Track student attendance and provide feedback regarding student development, take measures to engage and provide technical inspiration to reluctant students
  • Convey a positive and professional image to students
  • Promote learning in a collaborative and energized mode
  • The Learning Coaches will also provide feedback to TUMO’s content evaluators in the development of new learning activities and the fine-tuning of existing activities
Required Qualifications:
  • Excellent people skills and facility in working with teenagers
  • Familiarity with and ability to learn technical concepts and tools relevant to at least one of the TUMO focus areas of animation, game development, web development and filmmaking
  • Multifaceted aptitudes in technical areas such as graphic design or programming, and artistic skills such as drawing or writing
  • Willingness to develop higher order skills such as creativity, analytical thinking and initiative taking, as well as organizational capabilities such as teamwork, communication and research skills
  • Experience on the web and in the use of online resources and tools is a plus
  • Undergraduate or graduate education in a recognized university
  • Excellent communication skills, including written communication, personal interaction, and public presentation in Armenian, knowledge of English is a plus

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