Inecobank is looking for a Legal Advisor of Judicial Service Division for Legal Entities.


- Responsible for protection of the Bank's interests for legal entities, entrepreneurs, as well as, if necessary, individuals of complex and large cases in courts (including the participation in session), in law enforcement agencies, (including individuals), in the Office of Financial System Mediator, in commercial arbitration, in bankruptcy proceedings, in state and local self-governing bodies, in commercial and non-commercial organizations; participate in lawsuits, in formation of applications and other necessary documents;
- Assist the Bank’s clients in bankruptcy cases and control bankruptcy managers functions;
- Implement the functions stipulated by the Civil, Criminal and Administrative legislations of the RA;
- Realize works on the recovery of extrajudicial subject of pledge except for precious metals and stones;
- Responsible for receipt of judicial acts;
- Responsible for application to the court on the basis of a decision that has entered into legal force, with the mediation of sending the enforcement papers electronically to the Compulsory Enforcement Service of the RA Ministry of Justice;
- Responsible for electronic registration and permanent updates for each of the open legal cases/ proceedings.

Required Qualifications:

- Higher education in Law;
- At least 3 years of relevant working experience;
- Deep knowledge of Civil, Criminal and Administrative legislation of the RA;
- Deep knowledge of Civil, Criminal trial legislation of the RA;
- Good knowledge of Labor legislation of the RA;
- Good knowledge of Economic law, including Banking law;
- Excellent knowledge of Armenian language; good knowledge of Russian and English languages;
- Good command of MS Office;
- Ability to use “Irtek” and “Arlis” programs.

Business skills and personal qualities:
- Communication skill;
- Analytical thinking;
- Counselling skills;
- Team player;
- Ability to provide the necessary amount of work.