The scope of work of the Expert under this task will encompass a) review of current system of monitoring and evaluation of the turnover in the civil service system; b) proposal of modern approaches for monitoring and evaluation of the turnover among the civil servants as per the best practices, including the digital tracking tools. The gender dimension shall be ensured throughout the work; c) recommendations on improvement/ adjustment of HRM recruitment and retention policies with the view of reducing the turnover rate. The Expert will work under the overall supervision of the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Programme Manager, direct supervision of the GEPAA Project Technical Task Leader, and in collaboration with the project team.


- Get familiarized with the system of recruitment, promotion, remuneration, professional development opportunities, integrity and ethics and dismissal within the civil service, including available software(s) and online tools/ HRMIS
- Get familiarized with the existing system of monitoring and evaluation of the turnover in the civil service, including available software(s), mechanisms and online tools
- Explore in detail the possibilities of the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), with the specific focus on the data/ measurement mechanisms and tools of turnover monitoring and evaluation, if any. If such data, mechanisms and tools are missing, make recommendations for introduction of respective solutions
- Prepare a list of stakeholders to co-design (explore, discuss, identify) possible recommendations and solutions and submit to the approval of the project team
- In consultation with the UNDP team and the relevant stakeholder organization, organize a co-design event with the selected stakeholders
- Draft entry questionnaire for those willing to join civil service. Special attention should be paid to the aspirations, motives, prospects and values that guide potential candidates to the public sector/ civil service
- Draft mid-term evaluation (employee satisfaction) questionnaire/ survey, for those employees who have been enrolled with the institution for more than 5 (five) years
- Draft exit questionnaire for the staff members leaving public tenure. Among other, special attention should be paid to the observance of the principles of fair treatment, adherence to work ethics, anti-discrimination and any types of harassment
- Draft a comprehensive report on the work done, including legal documents/ regulations reviewed, software(s)/ online tools explored, specific new tools suggested, as well as the data/ inputs from the co-design event. A separate section on the modern approaches and methods of monitoring and evaluation of the turnover based on the best practices, as well as new tools and mechanisms should be included in the report. The report should also include recommendations on the improvement of recruitment and retention in terms of turnover management

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in Sociology, Social Sciences, Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Law or other related field
- At least 3 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research
- Solid experience (at least 5 years) in human resources management; experience in conducting entry/ exit interviews
- Good knowledge of the Armenian Civil Service legislation is an asset
- Experience in conducting staff turnover monitoring and evaluation, including analysis of causes and recommendations to address those
- Previous exposure to the gender dimension in the public administration is a strong asset
- Experience in conducting desk researches and analysis
- Experience in reviewing legislation
- Experience in working with professional software(s); familiarity with HRMIS is desired
- Relevant experience in analyzing qualitative data and preparing sets of recommendations
- Experience in drafting analytical reports
- Exposure to innovative research methods and techniques
- Fluency in Armenian and English languages, both written and oral Competencies:
- Ability to deliver and reach the planned targets without undermining proper operational processes
- Strong interpersonal skills with ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with people of different social and cultural background
- Creativity, flexibility and an innovative approach to problem-solving
- Demonstrated initiative, tact and high sense of responsibility and discretion
- Strong teamwork skills
- Ability to work under the pressure and meet deadlines
- Strong computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office (MS Word, Excel); ability to design and maintain spreadsheets, as well as web-based management systems (SPSS)
- Competence on research techniques and terminology
- Strong verbal and written communication skills; strong competence in writing reports intended for diverse audiences