The scope of work of the Expert under this task will encompass Elaboration of an Action Plan on Women involvement, retention and promotion within the public sector. To this end, the major activities will include a) compile and review the recent researches undertaken by UNDP on gender dimension of public administration system and on public perception of women’s and men’s role in public sector in Armenia; b) compile and analyze the relevant data; c) identify the stakeholders to inform the Action Plan, including through joint discussions and co-design sessions; d) development of communication (messaging, outreach) component of the Action Plan. The Expert will work under the overall supervision of the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Programme Manager, direct supervision of the GEPAA Project Technical Task Leader, and in collaboration with the project team.


- Get familiarized with the available reports, research, other materials on public perception of role of women within the public sector of Armenia. Specifically, research generated within the GEPAA project should be primarily consulted (“Country-wide survey of citizens perception of roles of women and men in the public sector”, “Survey on students' perceptions, expectations and preferences in public administration”, “Legal review of the core legislation on civil service”, “Gender at the Workplace: The case of the Civil Service Office”, “Gender Equality Seal Award Assessment: the Case of the Civil Service Office”);
- Explore international sources (best practice) on attracting/ involving, retaining and promoting women within the public sector;
- Explore the current “2019 - 2023 Strategy of Implementing Gender Equality Policy in the Republic of Armenia” (RA Government Decision N1334-L dated 19 September 2019) and the up-to-date Report on the Action Plan in order to synchronize the activities;
- Explore centres of excellence for women empowerment and gender equality, and their respective strategies/ action plans;
- Compile a comprehensive list of stakeholders (CSOs, international organizations, women leaders, other), dealing with the female promotion issues in Armenia and submit for the approval of the project team;
- Conduct interviews with the selected stakeholders to familiarize with their methods and mechanisms of involving, retaining and promoting female cadre in the public sector;
- Explore in depth the communication aspect to be used in targeted messaging and outreach campaign to raise awareness on the reconsidered female role in the public sector;
- Organize co-design events with GEPAA project team and selected stakeholders, which should further inform the Action Plan;
- Based on the data collected from the above-mentioned research, draft a comprehensive Action Plan for involving, retaining and promoting women in the public sector of Armenia, which shall include, among others, the key messaging and awareness raising elements aimed at changing the current perception and narrative of the role of women in the public administration system.

Required Qualifications:

- University degree in Sociology, Social Sciences, Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Law or other related field;
- At least 5 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research;
- At least 3 years of experience in gender (women) studies;
- Experience in conducting interviews;
- Knowledge of the Gender Equality Policy of RA and international commitments of RA in gender equality issues;
- Experience in conducting desk researches and analysis;
- Relevant experience in analyzing qualitative data and preparing sets of recommendations;
- Experience in drafting analytical reports/ action plans;
- Exposure to innovative research methods and techniques;
- Fluency in Armenian and English languages, both written and oral.

- Ability to deliver and reach the planned targets without undermining proper operational processes;
- Strong interpersonal skills with ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with people of different social and cultural background;
- Creativity, flexibility and an innovative approach to problem-solving;
- Demonstrated initiative, tact and high sense of responsibility and discretion;
- Strong teamwork skills;
- Ability to work under the pressure and meet deadlines;
- Strong computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office (MS Word, Excel);
- Competence on research techniques and terminology;
- Strong verbal and written communication skills; strong competence in writing reports intended for diverse audiences.