You will: 

  • Be part of our Dynamics 365 team and help develop our solution. This includes design, build and deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution enhancements.  

  • Our solution sits on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform Field Service. Help us make the solution awesome and easy to use for our customers! 

  • Help out on existing customer projects via dealing with  

  • integrations from customer systems to our system 

  • everyday change requests and bugs. Turn the change requests into a solution component! 

  • Help out with improving our deployment process.  


Required Qualifications:

And if YOU are:  

  • Passionate about programming - Watching talks and reading books on how to improve your code. (Do some of these names ring a bell? Eric Evans, Martin Fowler, Greg Young, Robert C. Martin, Jason Taylor, Sam Newman etc.) 

  • Detail-oriented - When you say a task is done, then you've checked all edge-cases, written unit-tests. 

  • Skilled in .NET Core  

  • Fluent in English - both written and spoken 

  • Willing to dive deep into Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and start a career path that is highly attractive and inspiring!