• Understand business needs and requirements, provide estimates for future work.

  • Design real time, modular, high concurrent, customizable and scalable solutions

  • Develop quality, tested, and documented code

  • Pay high attention to application performance, quality, and responsiveness.

  • Development a new Android application functionality

  •  Support for existing application functionality

  • Code review.

Required Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of relevant experience

  • Strong experience with Java, Kotlin

  • Solid knowledge of Android SDK and Android  UI design principles and 3rd party libraries

  • Solid experience with REST API’s and concurrent data consumption via REST.

  • Solid experience with cloud messaging APIs and push notifications.

  • Solid experience with background services.

  • Good understanding of  MVP, MVC, MVVM design patterns.

  •  Development language-Kotlin.

  • Perfect communication skills for the proper execution of his duties. 

  • The capability of forming a strong and meaningful team of developers,  inspire trust and confidence in them.

  • Experience working in Agile environment (Scrum, Kanban)

  •  Experience in working with Firebase

  • Experience in Version Control System (Git, SVN)

  • Retrofit 2, OkHttp 3

  • Di library - KOIN

  • Kotlin Coroutines