“EPAM Systems LLC” is looking for a “Middle/Senior JS/Node.js Developer with Performance Optimization Experience”.


  • Drive out the identification of performance targets
  • Work closely with the existing Performance Testing team to carry out a wide analysis of our application estate and our platform, to identify applications, services and components that go against agreed targets
  • Carry out deep-dive analysis into a specific application or platform component to assess how performance across the various metrics can be improved
  • Provide performance improvement expertise to other teams who are attempting to optimize applications and components
  • Define best practices and standards that teams and partners should apply in the development of new applications and components
  • Assist in the introduction of performance measurement tooling and frameworks to proactively identify performance issues (avoiding customers having to complain about the issues).

Required Qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of JS or Node.js
  • Experience in performance optimization (load time, memory usage, CPU usage) and code analysis related to this topic
  • Understanding of tools that can be used for performance analysis
  • Strong understanding of data access mechanisms and the way to analyze and improve such data access
  • Good English (both spoken and written).

About EPAM Systems LLC

EPAM Systems, Inc. is a global provider of software engineering and IT consulting services with the headquarters in Newtown, PA, USA. The Company has software development centers and branch offices in the United States, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany,