At Rockbite we are building cool games millions enjoy. Creating games is really complex but also extremely rewarding. So the dev team enjoys both the process of cracking hard engineering problems and playing or seeing others play the game in the end. 
Did you start programming to create games and understand the magic there in the first place? Do you feel your engineering superpowers are mature enough to play seriously? The time has come, go for your dream!


As Game Engineer at Rockbite Games your day will be like this:

  • Getting involved in all parts of game development (Graphics, Gameplay, Server-side, UI engineering, etc.)
  • Use all or part of our tech stack: Java, libGDX, OpenGL, Scene2D, Spring, RoboVM, Jenkins, NodeJS, MongoDB, Kryo, etc
  • Work on Deep Town, Sandship or a new title
  • Closely cooperate with artists, game designers and community managers to create neat games
  • Contribution to game ideas discussion and evolution

Required Qualifications:

What is the loot we expect you already carry?

  • You enjoy all parts of software engineering
  • 2+ years of your life were extensive and meaningful software engineering experience in Java
  • You are familiar with NodeJS
  • You’ve digged deep into CS fundamentals(Algorithm Complexity, Data Structures, etc.)
  • You can easily dive into Math and Geometry problem solving(e.g. circle equation, trigonometric functions, etc.) 
  • You are driven to polish and hone your professional skills and mindset until the end of time
  • You love games and gamedev

The following will make you very cool candidate, but is not a must:

  • Experience using libGDX/OpenGL or other low-level 2D graphics lib
  • Knowledge of animations(sprite or Spine) and particle effects
  • Experience with any other programming language(C++, JS, C#, C,etc.)
  • Have experience creating a game for fun or for the business