We are looking for a Mid/Senior ML Engineer to help us create artificial intelligence products. Machine Learning Engineer responsibilities will include creating machine learning models and retraining systems, applying algorithms to generate accurate predictions, and resolving data set problems.


- Work with various teams to strategize processes and design plans for the implementation of ML techniques
- Deliver state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions to a product team and transfer the knowledge and ability necessary to maintain the solution
- Build and deploy Machine Learning pipelines capable of handling high volume and focused on Natural Language Processing
- Manage the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production
- Work independently as well as in small teams

Required Qualifications:

- BA or higher degree in Data Science, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics or other relevant field
- Experience in Machine Learning and infrastructure, preferably Natural Language Processing
- At least 3+ experience in Python and frameworks such as Flask, FastAPI
- At least 2+ experience with ML frameworks such as TensorFlow and/or PyTorch
- Strong analytical skills
- High attention to detail
- Ability to work with large, complex datasets
- Good communication skills in English