• Develop the theory of Change, pre and post tests questionnaires 
  • Implement different methodologies for collecting data on knowledge absorption and change of behavior linking to the project’s outcome/impact, development of M&E Plan, etc. 
  • Develop and maintain M&E frameworks for the program – clearly articulating the connection between project objectives, outcomes, indicators, and activities. 
  • Ensure alignment of implementation solutions and activities with stated program objectives, regularly communicating with the implementation team and project lead to ensure integrity of implementation against stated project plans. 
  • Ensure high-quality implementation of stated project activities and the synthesis of project closeout insights into documented M&E requirements.
  • Assist project managers in preparing required programmatic reports clearly stating about before-after results and both qualitative and quantitative outcomes.
  • Lead in the development of female entrepreneurs needs assessments, and in disseminating the results of these assessments through reports.
  • Develop effectiveness insights and summarize implementation learning at the conclusion of each program component.
  • Conduct ongoing targeted evaluations and operations research including through development of survey strategy and questionary.
  • Attain all agreed-to goals and objectives within specified time frames, as part of the EIF overall mission.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Business Administration, Economics or a related field.
  • Proven experience in conducting and managing evaluations.
  • Experience in gender equality analytical work and programming, and current development issues.
  • Fluency in English language.
  • Experience working in an international organization, or similar complex organization, is an asset.
  • Field experience is an asset.