UNDP currently intends to hire a National Consultant on Gender Mainstreaming to support the Ministry in implementation of the above-mentioned work and perform relevant duties and responsibilities. The Consultant will be stationed at the Ministry of Labor and Social affairs.


- Provide technical support to MLSA in implementation of the PGA recommendations, among other, through the development of internal Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan by the audited entity. This includes drafting the Action Plan in consultation with relevant MLSA representatives, providing methodological guidance and coaching to assigned MSLA staff in analyzing respective administrative and programmatic frameworks, targets, indicators, procedures, documents, templates, and proposing (including drafting) respective revisions, based on PGA recommendations;
- Provide on-the-job training to respective MLSA representatives on the aspects of gender equality and gender mainstreaming;
- Assist MLSA in institutionalization of Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) methodology;
- Assist MLSA in the development and institutionalization of mechanisms to receive and respond to complaints on gender discrimination in employment, including sexual harassment;
- Assist MLSA in adapting to the Armenian context the training materials on gender mainstreaming and Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) methodology, recommended by UN Women/ UNDP;
- Assist UNDP in preparation and organization of respective trainings on PGA, GIA and gender mainstreaming for MLSA, as well as training-of-trainers for selected representatives of MLSA and other national institutions to further deliver respective trainings for targeted public servants;
- Assist in facilitating and coordinating the efforts of UNDP’s GIA and gender mainstreaming consultants (contractors) in supporting the Ministry to implement the above-mentioned activities;
- Provide technical input (verbal and written) to WEESC project discussions, reporting and knowledge generation on the progress of above-mentioned activities, relevant implementation challenges and lessons learned, as well as on identifying the needs for and designing future activities for the next phase of the project.

General Deliverables:
- Technical input provided to drafting of MLSA Internal Gender Equality Strategy (IGES);
- Technical input provided to drafting of MLSA Action Plan on implementing PGA recommendations;
- Meetings and consultations with key MLSA representatives and specialist on IGES and PGA AP;
- Review and propositions (drafting), as needed, on adjusting, editing, rephrasing or redesigning respective MLSA documents (internal policies, regulations, programmes, processes, procedures), based on PGA recommendations and GIA outcomes;
- On-the-job training, coaching and workshop sessions delivered to relevant MLSA representatives;
- Arrangements made and events organized to support capacity building on PGA, GIA, gender mainstreaming and internal complaint mechanism against gender-based discrimination;
- As assigned, consultations, presentations and other technical inputs provided to meetings and events related to above-mentioned work;
- Technical input provided to WEESC project (institutional level) discussions, reports, knowledge generation and forthcoming activity designs.

Required Qualifications:

- University degree, preferably MA, in Social Sciences, Public Administration, Gender Studies and/ or relevant area;
- At least 5 years of relevant professional experience, including technical assistance to building, strengthening institutional systems and/ or institutionalizing gender equality in organizations;
- Good understanding and proved knowledge and track-record of gender mainstreaming into strategic frameworks, national programmes and action plans;
- Knowledge of analytical methods and tools for mainstreaming gender in organizational settings, systems, processes and procedures is considered a strong asset; availability of a list of relevant thematic researches, publications or written samples is an asset;
- Demonstrated skills and experience in facilitating workshops, focus group discussions, gender-related technical discussions;
- Fluency in Armenian and English languages; command of Russian language is an asset.

- High level of integrity and professionalism; demonstrated initiative, tact and high sense of responsibility and discretion;
- Ability to handle big volume and scope of simultaneous tasks, as well as work under the pressure and in circumstances of diverse interests;
- Demonstrated strong team spirit;
- Excellent written and oral communication skills;
- Result-orientation;
- Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.) and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems.