Under the general supervision of the FAO representative in Armenia, the technical supervision of the Legal Officers (LEGN), and in close collaboration with the project Lead Technical Officer, the respective national authorities and the International Legal Consultant, the National Legal Consultant will perform below tasks.


- In collaboration with the International Legal Consultant, draft a joint work plan, and submit the same to the Legal Officers (LEGN);
- Collect the relevant texts and documentation related to the legal, policy and institutional aspects of seed;
- Get familiar with any documentation previously or currently developed on seed legislation;
- Under the guidance of the International Legal Consultant, fill in a matrix for the evaluation and analysis of seed laws and regulations then collected; submit the matrix to the International Legal Consultant for review, and improve the same as per her comments;
- Develop a thorough gap analysis of the legal framework on seed with a view to complying with applicable international and regional instruments and best legal practices;
- Prepare a legal report detailing the results of the analysis, with conclusions and recommendations to strengthen the national legal framework (this should include a nomenclature of legal instruments to be drafted and adopted to address the gaps); submit the report to the International Legal Consultant for review, and improve the same as per her comments;
- Consolidate a final report including the narrative report and the matrix, and submit it to the Legal Officers, LEGN for technical clearance;
- On the basis of the legal assessment report, support the elaboration of the national policy for improvement/ development of sustainable seed system and certification;
- Prepare monthly reports.

Required Qualifications:

- Lawyer, with experience in seed legislation;
- University degree in Law or a related subject with at least 7 years of experience;
- Languages: knowledge of English and Armenian languages.