Praemium RA is looking for a .NET Software Developer. The incumbent will assist with the development and maintenance of financial services related software products for the United Kingdom market. He/ she will also be required to enhance the Praemium suite of applications. This includes development on Windows forms based designs, Microsoft SQL database and data entity work, report designs as well as some web service tools and APIs. This can also include displaying and editing data, constructing report output based on this data, manipulating the data and object models to use on advanced tools via a Wizard type interface.


- Work with the local and global teams;
- Support operational aspects of the technology platform; later shift to extending the application over time.

Required Qualifications:

- At least 2 years of experience in software development;
- Familiarity with Microsoft development environment (including but not exclusive to Microsoft Visual Studio);
- Good programming skills in Microsoft C#;
- Experience with Windows forms/ desktop based applications;
- Familiarity with Object-Orientated programming and design (including concepts such as interfaces, inheritance and class design;
- Familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server and the retrieval of data from databases using .NET datasets and other data manipulation techniques;
- Experience in the manipulation of classes to display and edit data on Windows Forms;
- Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite of programs to manipulate and populate Outlook, Word and Excel programmatically;
- Working knowledge of version control software such as Git;
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Office development tools;
- Working knowledge of 3rd party components and of their use in enhancing a development environment (e.g. DevExpress components);
- Some Web API knowledge;
- Fluency in English language.

About Praemium RA LLC

Praemium is a wealth management solution provider with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey, Armenia, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The Company administers in excess of 300,000 investor accounts covering approximately 80 billion dollars in funds globally, and