“Qualldev” is looking for a “Node.js/Nest.Js Developer”.


- Develop efficient, testable, and reusable Node.js/Nest.Js applications
- Tackle complex performance issues and architectural challenges
- Design and implement RESTful APIs
- Commit to continuous learning and skill development in emerging technologies
- Integrate data storage solutions, including databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL

Required Qualifications:

- Experience in Node.js and Nest.Js, with proficiency in asynchronous programming and event-driven development
- Familiarity with the NestJS framework or Express.js, with a strong understanding of the concepts of server-side logic
- Solid grasp of JavaScript and TypeScript
- Knowledge of relational databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL), including the ability to design schemas and optimize queries
- Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application, including Design Patterns and best practices (such as SOLID principles and DRY code)
- Proficiency in Docker/Kubernetes is considered a strong asset
- Skilled in using code versioning tools, such as Git
- Experience with front-end technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) is a plus
- Conversational level of English is required