RiseTech is looking for an enthusiastic, active, highly motivated Office manager to join our growing team and ensure day-to-day operations of our office.
If you are looking for a job that combines dynamics and interesting tasks, you’re passionate about achieving your goals, like working with an international team, and find a place where you can unleash your potential, or maybe you have good ideas on how to create the ideal office environment, then we are waiting for you.


What are we expecting from You daily?
- Support and oversee all administrative duties in the office and ensure that office is operating smoothly
- Efficiently and responsibly manage all inventory needs for the office: requirements, tracking, purchasing, stocking, and ordering and so on
- Provide direct administrative support as needed and encourage and motivate the workplace
- Manage the workplace in a way that employees are productive and motivated
- To be in communication with the providers
- Prepare and submit weekly, monthly and other reports, also office budget
- Responsibly manage employee nourishment: lunch, drinks, snacks
- Support meeting and travel for visitors and employees
- Other verbal or written tasks assigned by the management and/ or line manager
- And, at the end, bring the new notions for the healthy office environment as we encourage new approaches, fresh ideas

Required Qualifications:

Must have
- Advanced English Part of our colleagues/line manager are from abroad that’s why the fluent English is must for this role․
- Strong written and verbal communication skills We enjoy collaborating with humans, and it makes us communicate with each other quite a lot. We have colleagues from abroad, sometimes we need to be in touch in written form. But yes, we are not bureaucratic at all, and communication in person or via messengers is more than welcome by the company culture.
- Good and effective negotiation skills and orientation on the result is must We value negotiation with our customers. That's why we reach agreement, avoid conflict, establish relationships with other participants and maximize mutual gains. In this way details matter․
- Eager to learn some useful techniques We are going to teach you the amazing world of this sphear at some point in your career․ Nice to have
- Mature and proactive approach Our company has many owners. Every employee has an attitude like she owns the company, takes care of it as his home, and treats the others as his family. We help each other, back up each other, and sometimes practice forgiveness, and we never take it personally.
- Accountability and responsibility We trust each other and our leaders. We live in a mistake friendly environment, but take all our job duties and responsibilities very seriously. We never fingerprint and have zero tolerance to the blaming culture. We celebrate all the achievements and learn from losses together.
- Flexibility and agility/ ability to learn fast It's true, working at RiseTech isn't for everyone. Change is constant in our business, and we ask our team members to be incredibly agile as we serve customers in an industry that changes daily.
- No multitasking, but ability to change the focus quickly We do not expect anyone to do three tasks at once as we know, none will be done well enough. And we do strive for perfection in what we do. But we learned how to change the focus fast enough to catch what is needed to be caught and do not drop what is being held accurately.
- Think outside the box Since the outer world is developing fast, it happens very often that trivial solutions or work approaches do not work anymore. Our answer to the continually changing reality is the quick adaptability, the creative approach, and sometimes unpopular solutions. To be frank, it's one of the primary reasons that make us unique in the industry. We are embracing the change with creativity and the highest level of professionalism.
- Emotional intelligence We see each other, we listen and hear each other, and we see each other as great personalities. Knowing yourself and knowing others is a must. And we do believe that emotional intelligence will not let the emotions control our lives, we control them instead.