- Grow the various product lines through setting up automated sales funnels

- Organize the business and systems for scaling long term

- Develop simple, profitable automated customer acquisition systems

- Manage the day to day operations of the business and help us transition from operators to owners

- You are expected to learn and grow leaps and bounds through both mentorship and courses.

Required Qualifications:

- Social media ads experience on multiple platforms especially profitably is probably the most sought after skill we need.

- Willingness to learn!  We have access to libraries of high level business and technical online training that we would love to see implemented.

- Must speak excellent English!

- Skills with social media graphics would be highly valued.

- Ideally skiled at video editing 

- Experience using ClickFunnels or other similar web design tools

- Copywriting skils to write compelling emails and sales copy

- Experience building online sales funnels would be highly valued.

- Willingness to juggle many different tasks

- This position needs someone seriously self motivated that will proactively build the business without awaiting nonstop tasks to be handed to them.

- This position is ideal for someone who is comfortable with direct communication and someone who communicates directly 

- This position is ideal for someone who wants to make more money and only wants to be paid based on producing results!

- University/College education is a bonus but it's not near as important as having an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to learn!

*** There will be a 3 month trial period but we are ultimately looking for someone long term!