Teach For Armenia Educational Foundation offers a two-year Leadership Development Program, where the participant live in the selected community, teach his/ her professional (or close-professional) subject at school, do extracurricular activities and community impact projects. With this opportunity, he/ she provides equal and excellent education for students, as he/ she makes significant changes and developments in the community through various programs.


- Teach at secondary school for at least 2 years;
- Implement extracurricular activities;
- Work towards establishment of students' long-term vision and goals;
- Ensure students' academic excellence and personal progress by introducing effective teaching methods;
- Plan and implement community development projects;
- Define own leadership goals and continuously develop them throughout the 2-year leadership development program with the support of Foundation;
- Participate in the Foundation's training programs to develop the knowledge and skills required for transformation of educational methodology.

Required Qualifications:

- Availability of at least a bachelor's degree (or expected to obtain it by July 2021, if still studying);
- Fluency in Armenian language, excellent written and verbal communication skills;
- Desire to work with children;
- Creative approach in difficult situations;
- Excellent communication skills;
- Negotiation skills;
- Commitment of full-time two-year involvement (teaching term July 2021 - June 2023).