As a Payment Operations Specialist, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing all financial transactions within our betting platform. Your role will involve supervising automated withdrawal logic, ensuring the smooth processing of deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and other financial activities.

  • Supervise automated logic applied for withdrawals, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in processing;
  • Take full control over financial transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and other related activities;
  • Act as an operator for manual withdrawal processes, managing each transaction from initiation to completion;
  • Check the availability of necessary funds on partner wallets to fulfill withdrawal requests;
  • Monitor and anticipate wallet top-ups, alerting relevant stakeholders in advance to maintain smooth operations;
  • Access and manage the payment service provider (PSP) back office;
  • Reconcile and oversee transactional processes, ensuring all transactions are completed according to established procedures and guidelines.
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, or a related field;
  • Proven experience in payment operations, financial transactions, or a similar role within the betting or gaming industry;
  • Strong understanding of financial systems, payment processing, and transactional workflows;
  • Experience in using payment service provider (PSP) back office systems and other relevant financial tools;
  • Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to identify and resolve issues efficiently.

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