SoftConstruct is looking for an experienced Payroll Specialist to be responsible for all payroll-related tasks. The Payroll Specialist’s responsibilities include collecting and reviewing employee information and working hours, calculating wages, preparing and processing employee payments, and maintaining accurate payroll records.


- Collecting timesheet data and payroll information
- Entering data into payroll and administrative databases and software programs
- Calculating wages, benefits, tax deductions, commissions, etc.
- Preparing and processing paychecks and cash deposits
- Maintaining accurate records of payroll documentation and transactions
- Preparing and distributing income statements
- Responding to payroll-related inquiries and resolving concerns
- Performing account balance and payroll reconciliations
- Preparing financial reports for accounting and auditing purposes
- Preparing periodic payroll reports for review by management

Required Qualifications:

- Degree in accounting, business, or a related field preferred
- Experience working in payroll or a similar role
- Working knowledge of basic accounting principles and payroll practices
- Experience working with accounting and payroll software (Armsoft accounting software)
- Very good knowledge of legislation and regulations of the field
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Strong organizational and time management skills
- High numerical aptitude