• Collect and update all urgent and important information related to the given license/website/.
  • Inform the team of changes and updates. Stay consistent in keeping the employees informed.
  • Have conversations with employees on a regular basis to understand the reasons for the mistakes made, organize an additional training to prevent possible further mistakes.
  • Conduct trainings with new employees, provide detailed information on the nuances of the given license, help them to integrate quickly into the job and provide a quality service.
  • Submit a report on the most common issues and problems, as well as problematic issues to the management (if necessary, to the regional manager).
  • Assist in the matters related to difficult and problematic customers.
  • Collect customer complaints, process applications, open new applications, arrange the resolution of the issues and keep the customers informed.  
  • Provide operators with necessary templates/texts և brief descriptions.
  • Provide relevant reports and collected materials to the management, upon request.
  • Prepare messages on the announcement of new promotions/bonuses and ensure that all staff members are notified of them.
  • Monitor, inspect incoming chats, detect errors occurred as a result of the inspection, develop and provide correct answer options to avoid mistakes in the future. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Portuguese/Spanish (advanced)
  • Managerial experience will be a plus
  • Work with  Portuguese/Spanish market (any field)
  • Knowledge of MS office package
  • Experience in customer support will be a plus
  • Presenting and Reporting Skills