• Based on the forecast received from the sales departments, carry out the planning of production raw materials on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis;

• Based on sales forecasts, compile yearly, quarterly, monthly և weekly production schedule by product types;

• Prepare և submit purchase requests for the necessary production raw materials

• Prepare և present the production plan of the bottling plant on a monthly and weekly basis

• Offer solutions depending on the existing and potential production problems

• Supervise the implementation of the bottling product plan

• Prior to bottling, provide pre-documented information to warehouses for obtaining the materials needed for the bottling plant;

• Follow the correct distribution of finished product residues in regional warehouses;

• Manage the delivery of finished products from the factory warehouse to the appropriate warehouses;

• Provide the distribution of the exported assortment in the vehicle, as well as the required export-related information in thedocumented form;

• Participate in the implementation of production systems;

• Upon the assignment of the immediate supervisor perform other functions directly related to the employment functions defined by the contract, that correspond to his/her profession or position.

Required Qualifications:

• Higher education in Economics

• At least 1 year of professional experience

• Knowledge of AS, 1C, excel programs

• Knowledge of English and Russian languages

• Driving license

• Male candidate preferred