Under the management of the Project Officer, the Project Assistant is responsible for conducting program beneficiary selection and program monitoring; also responsible for providing assistance to beneficiaries.


- Participate in the identification and verification process for beneficiary selection under the direction of the Project Officer;
- Participate directly in the accountability and adaptability mainstreaming with particular focus as a primary interlocutor with affected population and beneficiaries applying listening strategies and mindfulness in behaviour;
- Identify cases for referral to other agencies/ service providers;
- Participate in the baseline and end line surveys under the direction of the Project Officer;
- Implement accountability mechanism of routine and post distribution monitoring activities under the direction of the Project Officer;
- Respond to beneficiary complaints in accordance with the accountability complaints and feedback mechanism;
- Under the coordination of the Project Officer, engage with beneficiaries and other stakeholders to ensure the beneficiaries are listened to and engaged in the programming process;
- Carry out other job-related duties as requested by the Project Officer and Country Representative.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics or other similar field or relevant practical experience;
- Experience in the use of computer and office software packages (e.g. MS Word, Excel);
- Good knowledge of Excel spreadsheets;
- Commitment to high quality adaptive and accountable humanitarian programming;
- Fluency in Russian and Armenian languages.

- Prior experience in Cash programmes will be an asset;
- Experience in the use of database packages (e.g. Access);
- Fluency in English language.