Project coordinator's responsibilities include:

  • utilize spreadsheets to track budgets, dates, and other information,
  • organize contracts, financial files, reports, and invoices,
  • work with various members of the project team and the client to develop a time line,
  • coordinate and attend meetings and develop project strategies,
  • oversee progress to make sure goals are met on time.



Required Qualifications:

Main qualifications are:

  • master's degree in a related field,
  • experience as a manager not less than 2 years,
  • excellent knowledge of Russian and English languages,
  • entrepreneural skills,
  • ability of problem-solving and multitasking,
  • ability to coordinate multiple aspects of a project in a fast-paced and challenging work environment,
  • excellent organizational and communication skills,
  • self-motivated, attentive, and always follow through.