Armenian Territorial Development Fund is looking for a Project Coordinator for “Local Economy and Infrastruscture Development” project. The Project Coordinator (PC) has the responsibility to ensure effective and efficient day-to-day technical and operational coordination of ATDF’s activities within the scope of preparation of LEID sub-projects, including: a) coordinating the review of technical documentation (feasibility studies and architectural-engineering designs, etc.), b) preparing preliminary and final subproject appraisal reports, as well as c) coordination and assurance of quality control, under the overall guidance and supervision of the ATDF Executive Director (ED) of LEID subprojects’ implementation. The PC shall ensure the quality of quartet, semi-annual and annual reports developed by him/ her and with the support of other ATDF staff. Further, the PC shall conduct regular field visits to monitor and assess the progress of infrastructure subprojects in the Project areas.


The PC's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
- Coordinate the overall effective implementation of LEIDP;
- Coordinate preparation of new subprojects;
- Coordinate supervision of the activities of the contractors and consultants under the Project;
- Coordinate contracts management and contracts monitoring in adherence with local legislation and World Bank guidelines;
- Coordinate the review and provision of conclusions/ proposals on technical specifications, designs and preparation of consultant ToRs;
- Coordinate with the engineers and respective staff to manage budgets and ensure the provision of high quality and on time implementation of civil work;
- Coordinate the evaluation/ assessment of physical and financial progress of civil works to ensure compliance with the provisions and conditions of civil works contracts being performed;
- Coordinate and support the timely identification and update of activities to be procured under the project to allow the procurement department to prepare/ update the Project procurement plan;
- Coordinate preparation/ updating of annual budgets and work plans, and annual reports, in coordination with other colleagues and departments of ATDF. This includes the preparation of relevant annual work plans, progress and annual reports, and budgets to be submitted to other respective Project stakeholder entity (ies) (MoE/ TC, MoTAI, MoF, WB, etc.);
- Use project scheduling and control tools to monitor and update Project plans, reports, budgets and expenditures;
- Coordinate the preparation of the ToRs for sub-project designs, civil works, technical supervision contracts, as well as any other surveys/ studies and required consultants;
- Coordinate review of deliverables submitted by design consultants (survey and design reports, drawings, technical specifications, summaries, cost estimates, economic analyses, etc.), consolidate the recommendations and conclusions from respective specialists, and submit the consolidated conclusions and recommendations to other relevant team members and stakeholders;
- Support the design consultants in performing data collection and surveys, public consultations and other similar sub-project preparation activities;
- Coordinate preparation of respective conclusions on any variation orders proposed by contractors and design/ technical supervision consultants;
- Provide support to the consultants (design, technical supervision, etc.) to resolve issues that may arise with respect to technical standards and provisions in accordance with the RA legislation and WB guidelines;
- Facilitate the coordination between departments within the ATDF on issues related to Project's implementation cycles and progress, as well as support the Capacity Building and Monitoring, Public Awareness specialists on the Project issues, provide documents, data and other information for inclusion on the Project website, as needed;
- Effectively and accurately communicate relevant project information to the Project team, beneficiaries and other stakeholders;
- Ensure working relations with the representative of the WB for all issues related to the projects;
- Ensure working relations with the key stakeholders (government agencies) for the Project implementation;
- Maintain Contract Execution Tracking Log;
- Provide monthly reports, which should include information on the implemented activities;
- Prepare donor required information to be shared with the WB and ensure provision of required input from the ATDF team and other stakeholders;
- Communicate ideas for improving project implementation processes with a positive and constructive attitude, and fostering this attitude in others;
- Report to the ED about Project status and issues that may impact the Project implementation and upon the ED's request update others on the Project progress;
- Regulate any issue/ delay with respect to Project implementation and propose solutions to the ED targeted at avoiding and eliminating similar issues in the future;
- Fulfill other functions and responsibilities as requested by the ED and/ or envisaged within the scope of the Loan and Project Agreements, Project's Operations Manual and other related documents.

Required Qualifications:

- At least university degree in Economics, Management, Business Administration, Engineering or a related field; MBA is welcomed;
- Preferably 5-8 years of professional working experience;
- Demonstrated familiarity and/ or working knowledge of relevant in-country legislation related to construction, engineering, environmental and social safeguards and economic development;
- At least 5 years of working experience in donor or International Financial Institutions funded infrastructure projects is preferred;
- At least 5 years of work experience on a managerial position is preferred.

Computer Programs, Operating Systems:
- Good level of knowledge of Microsoft Office.

- Native level of knowledge of Armenian language; good knowledge of English language (speaking, writing).

Professional Competencies:
- Excellent analytical and presentation skills;
- Diplomacy and negotiating skills;
- Ability to communicate with the Project affected people and handle their complaints and claims;
- Problem-solving and prompt decision-making skills;
- Planning and organizational skills;
- Cooperation/ teamwork skills;
- Willingness to make field trips.