AMX is looking for a Project Management Officer to join its active, warm and qualified team. As a Project Management Officer he/ she should be involved in the creation, development, and implementation of a number of the Company’s exciting projects.


- Responsible for completing all programs implemented in the Company, tracking processes, including setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning tasks to team members;
- Implement project management, development of methodologies, procedures and tools, implementation and ensure effective application;
- Collaborate with other departments to define the scope of projects and identify problems;
- Collaborate with engineers, quality assurance professionals, and a technical team of programmers to effectively manage project implementation;
- Liaise with project stakeholders, ensure universal awareness, engagement and communication;
- Create, manage and update project documentation, including project requirements documentation, system prototypes, project plans and resource requirements;
- Responsible for ongoing project evaluation and preparation of management reports and submission;
- Participate in the development, organization and implementation of new models of the Company's information systems;
- Carry out analysis of the Company's business processes, including initiating, organizing and implementing business process automation activities;
- Participate in the development of technical tasks for the new services of the Company;
- Study local and international demand for the Company's services;
- Responsible for initiation of new tools and introduction of services and in the system.

Required Qualifications:

- Master's degree in Finance or Management;
- At least 5 years of experience with systems design and documentation, financial and banking information systems;
- Ability to analyze business data, understand business needs, describe, draw appropriate conclusions;
- Technical skills and ability to report on ongoing project activities;
- Knowledge of software systems used for business process analysis and optimization;
- Knowledge of methods of visual presentation of analytical information and software tools;
- Knowledge of information requirements assessment methodology;
- Negotiation skills;
- Analytical thinking, information gathering and processing skills;
- Ability to orientate quickly in a stressful situation to solve problems in a short time;
- Teamwork skills;
- Computer literacy; excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word);
- Knowledge of project management methodologies (Waterfall, Agile);
- Very good knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages (written and oral).