We are looking for a Project Portfolio Manager familiar with business process optimization methodologies to analyze internal processes of the bank and make suggestions for they implementation.


- Study banking sectors business process optimization and innovation
- Collaborates with executives and managers to develop long-range, strategic goals for the organization
- Develops and executes project strategy. Identifies and gains agreement on project objectives, scope, timing, and resources
- Conducts project meetings and prepares regular reports to communicate the status of projects portfolio to stakeholders within and beyond the project team
- Plans, completes and monitors short
- and long-term projects as needed
- Identifies financial and banking sector development trends; analyzes and presents the results and makes recommendations to head of department
- Performs project close-out steps to include identifying lessons learned/best practices to inform the success of future projects. Applies continuous improvement methodologies throughout the project management lifecycle

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s or Master degree in Business Administration, Project Management or certificate of completion of Project Management
- 2-3 years of project management and related experience
- Knowledge of project management, timelines, deadlines, and follow-through on finished projects
- Business process optimization techniques (Lean, Six Sigma)
- Good communication skills – both written and verbal
- An analytical mind
- Proven ability to solve problems creatively
- Negotiation skills and the ability to develop strong working relationships
- Commercial and business awareness
- Work experience in banking sector is a plus