• Participation in product development in all technical and administrative areas;
  • Coordination of work performance, communication management, conflict resolution;
  • Work with iOS / Android / WEB team leads to coordinate work on the backlog;
  • Identification and prevention of risks that may affect the timing, budget or result;
  • Supporting key points of the project with formal documentation;
  • Control of statuses, aggregation of changes and presentation of the project;
  • Coordination and control of work performance;
  • Preparation of regular reporting on the project;
  • Maintenance of the project plan in an up-to-date state;
  • Organizing regular meetings and keeping minutes;
  • Interaction with other teams: backend, QA, marketing, product department;
  • Active participation in the design and formulation of requirements.

Required Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position in an IT company;
  • Experience in successfully launching projects;
  • Knowledge and ability to apply project management methodologies in software development (agile methodology);
  • Experience in collecting, agreeingĀ and processing requirements;
  • Experience in preparing project plans;
  • Ability to listen, accurately and clearly express your thoughts;
  • Self-reliance, strategic thinking and a systematic approach to work;
  • Understand classical project management methodologies;
  • Confidently proficient in tools such as Jira, Confluence and GSuite.