“TeamViewer Armenia” is looking for a “QA Automation Engineer (all genders)”.


- Develop, Review, and Execute Test Plans: You will be responsible for creating comprehensive test plans that cover all requirements and use cases. Your keen eye for detail will ensure that every aspect of our software is thoroughly tested
- As a Senior QA Automation Engineer, you will be at the forefront of test automation efforts. You'll develop automated tests for critical test scenarios and integrate them into our Continuous Integration and Continuous
- Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline
- Collaborate with Scrum Team: Active participation in grooming sessions with the Scrum team will be vital. You will contribute your expertise to shape the product from a user's standpoint and ensure that quality is considered throughout the development process
- Foster Continuous Improvement: Embracing a continuous improvement mindset is important to us. You'll play an integral role in driving QA activities' effectiveness and efficiency to maintain high-quality standards
- Collaborate with QAs from Different Teams: Our success lies in seamless collaboration. You'll work closely with QAs from various teams to address common challenges and share best practices, fostering a cohesive QA community
- Monitor and Maintain Automated Regression Runs: You will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining daily automated regression runs, ensuring that any regressions are detected early and resolved promptly

Required Qualifications:

- A degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience is required
- At least 4 years of hands-on experience in testing or software development, demonstrating a deep understanding of testing methodologies and best practices
- Your experience in designing and implementing test plans will be critical in ensuring thorough and efficient testing of our products
- Familiarity with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile environments will be advantageous in assessing cross-platform compatibility
- Proficiency in automation using JavaScript, C#, and the Ranorex framework is highly desirable. Your expertise in automation will enable us to streamline testing processes
- Experience in writing automation tests using JMeter and working with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins is a definite plus
- Previous exposure to Jira and TestRail will be beneficial in adapting to our existing QA infrastructure
- Fluent English communication, both spoken and written, is mandatory, as you will be collaborating with international teams