The Quality Assurance (QA) Intern/ Contractor will work on the running of regression suites, analyzing and publishing the results.


- Develop modules and scripts to use in the validation scripts of regression tests;
- Develop TCL scripts and modules for using them in regression tests;
- Understand the tested feature (mathematical model, parameters, etc.) and do manual testing;
- Develop test plans;
- Develop functional and feature regression tests;
- Look through the results of test runs, inspect the reasons of filed tests and fix them;
- Prepare test plans (with assistance);
- Contact with developers if needed, discuss testing aspects;
- Run regression tests for specific custom builds by a developer request, inspect the results;
- Perform manual testing.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor's, master's degree or PhD;
- Basic scripting/ coding skills; knowledge of Unix shells, TCL, Python, Perl is a plus;
- Ability to search and study documentation;
- Ability to quickly learn new scripting languages;
- Basic knowledge of object oriented programming;
- Ability to quickly understand the tested feature;
- Ability to quickly study software testing tools (testing framework, GUI testing tools);
- Good communication skills in English language;
- Teamwork skills.

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