• Maintaining a release plan for iOS / Android / WEB / Backend;
  • Tracking dependencies in plans;
  • Coordination with CPO of changes in the plan;
  • Daily risk monitoring for the tasks included in the release;
  • Working with PM to coordinate work;
  • Coordination of QA and backend work on testing and rolling out features included in the release;
  • Coordination of QA and iOS / Android / WEB work on testing the features included in the release;
  • Preparation of regular reporting for each release;
  • Organization of regular meetings and logging;
  • Interaction with other teams: QA, marketing, product department.

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience in software development for at least 5 years;
  • Knowledge of application architecture;
  • Experience in planning tasks with immersion in product formulations and technical implementation;
  • Broad understanding of technology - the ability to speak the language of the developers;
  • Experience of participation in the successful implementation of projects in high-load systems;
  • Ability to work with tasks in Jira and maintain documentation in Confluence;
  • Ability to work with geographically distributed teams;
  • (as an advantage) Knowledge of backend technologies (development languages ​​- nodejs / golang, microservice architecture, databases, AWS);
  • (as an advantage) Knowledge of mobile application development technologies (iOS, Android <swift, java, kotlin);
  • Responsibility, punctuality;
  • Knowledge and application of project management practices;
  • Politeness and competent Russian speech;
  • Technical English;
  • Attention to detail;
  • The flexibility of the mind, the ability to solve problems, bring tasks to completion;
  • Resistance to stress in communicating with difficult people;
  • A logical, systematic, consistent approach to tasks, a tendency to analyze;
  • Self-reliance and autonomy.


  • Submission directly to the CTO of the company.