“Dexis , Inc.” is looking for a “Request for Applications (RFA) Investigative Journalism Grant”.


Summary The Armenia Integrity Project is a five-year program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Dexis Consulting Group. The aim of the project is to reduce opportunities for corruption and reinforce public demand for improved governance and accountability in Armenia through:
- Strengthening corruption prevention institutions and integrity systems
- Supporting the implementation of specific legal-regulatory measures for corruption prevention
- And facilitating a collective citizen action approach to hold national and local level government entities engaged in corruption prevention mutually accountable. Purpose This RFA is seeking applicants to propose effective approaches to the development of new initiatives in investigative reporting which focus on specific anti-corruption areas in order to increase information to the public so that they may be better informed about anti-corruption activities. Location of Activities The geographic focus under consideration can include all of Armenia. Program Objectives
- Identify and engage between five to ten investigative journalists, per each focal area – 1. asset declarations and beneficial ownership, 2. Government procurement/budgeting, 3. political party finances. These journalists, in each focal area, will create multi-media products with support from the international/regional trainer/mentors and this will also lead to enhanced capacity of each journalist. The total number of journalists participating will be between ten to thirty
- Provide training/mentoring to each investigative journalist cohort and allow all journalists, within each focal area, to create at least the number of multi-media products required. Each journalist will produce at least 5 multi-media products that will be published/broadcasted in print, TV, radio or in some social media structure, per each journalist, a total of at least 50 multi-media products produced over the course of the RFA. Additionally, some of the produced media products should be on monitoring/ disclosing/ highlighting/ investigating/ or otherwise bringing attention to public resource use
- Support and train journalists on cybersecurity, security, and safety issues, considering the Armenian context, as they become more involved in investigative journalism

Required Qualifications:

The applicant must be officially registered in Armenia and working in compliance with all applicable civil and fiscal regulations, including, but not limited to pertinent local laws and status. The Armenian organizations (and consortiums of organizations) such as not-for-profit civil society organizations, civic unions, academic institutions, associations as well as media outlets are encouraged to apply.