Required Qualifications:

  • BS / BA or equivalent in Business Administration or Economics
  • Minimum 2 years of banking experience mainly in retail business
  • Ability to produce work effectively & efficiently (Quality Service)
  • Ability to identify, anticipate & respond to customer requirements effectively & profitably (Marketing skills).
  • Ability to organize work effectively & efficiently (Organizational Abilities).
  • Ability to clearly convey & receive messages to meet the needs of others by listening, interpreting & delivering: oral, written &/or electronic messages (Communication Skills).
  • Ability to identify, meet & exceed internal & external customer expectations (Customer Service).
  • Ability to work co-operatively & productively with other members of the team in order to achieve common goals (Teamwork).
  • Ability to respond to changing situations by continually improving his/her performance by learning & development (Self Management).
  • Ability to develop and maintain win/win relationship & partnership (Relationship Building).